Did Jon Dorenbos Make a Freudian Slip in the America’s Got Talent Finale?

Former NFL player and current magician Jon Dorenbos performed an amazing magic card trick on the 11th season finale of America’s Got Talent, but did he make a Freudian slip indicating that judge Simon Cowell was playing along all along?

Jon Dorenbos on AGT - Eric Card

At 3:19 into the performance, Dorenbos says “Simon, I had you write the name Eric.” Eric is Simon Cowell’s son. (You can jump straight to the aforementioned quote on YouTube.) Maybe it was simply a poor word choice on a live program. But if, in fact, it reveals the judge’s complicity in the trick, then the integrity of the show is called into question, not to mention the judges’ integrity.

I didn’t consciously notice it watching the show on Tuesday evening. But on Thursday, in conversation with a colleague, we were discussing the inspiring message worked into the performance. Afterwards, I decided to transcribe it. That’s when it came to my attention and became clear that the implications of the possible reveal were rather extensive.

What do you think? Poor choice of words in the moment or Freudian slip? Share if you’re as puzzled as I am and post your comments below.


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