Content Management Systems We Love For Work and Play

ExpressionEngineWe’ve tried and tested most of the top-rated and most popular content management systems (CMS) available online and have decided to recommend, install, customize and support only three of them: ExpressionEngine for highly customized websites, WordPress for low-cost websites, and our own custom-built EasyCM for simple webpage text editing.

WordpressMany small businesses don’t need a content management system to manage their websites because the content simply doesn’t change that much. But for those who have frequent content updates or multiple authors and contributors, a content management system is required.

The primary reason we recommend these content management systems is their ease-of-use for non-technical people such as doctors, attorneys, writers, artists, actors, advertising and marketing professionals, etc. The simplicity of creating and managing content – text, photos and videos – as well as fact that they are commonly used and widely supported, makes them easy to recommend.

In future posts, we’ll take a look at the benefits of each one of them and discuss the situations where they best fill a need.


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