The Template Is The Monster

MonsterFrom time to time, people ask us if we can customize the template they purchased. Well, we can but we won’t.  Keep reading because there’s something you need to understand about purchasing website templates.

We’ve worked with several Template Monster templates including their Flash templates. What we’ve found is that it takes as long to customize their templates as it does to build a new, unique custom website.

I’m a skilled HTML/CSS coder and editor. The structure of purchased templates is generally laid out poorly and made with default labels such as layer17, layer18, layer19 and image01, image02, image03. The master file also contains lots of hidden layers and hundreds of library items (images, text, symbols, etc). Thus, it’s laborious and time-consuming just to change out the text and photos, but it can be done as they claim without changes to the programming or layout.

Template companies design their templates to sell their customization services. The hook they use is those low-price templates to get you invested. But ultimately, you end up paying the same price as a custom website and end up with a website that people will recognize as a template. And that simply makes your business look cheap.

Here’s an idea: get a quote for customizing a template before you actually purchase the template and compare it to a quote for a custom website. Then decide what’s best for your business and budget.


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