CLICKCLICKCLICK To Click or Not To Click


Some people like it. Some people don’t. Clicking, that is. Having observed Web surfers over the years, I’ve noticed some important behavioral characteristics of Web surfers that Web page creators should consider.

Quick Clickers

Some people, in an effort to quickly find what they’re looking for, click links that capture their attention without hesitation in an effort to find out what it is. They scan long pages of text quickly and move on.

If the Web server is slow or a page of large graphics slows the page load, they’re just as likely to click the “back” icon as wait.

To capture the attention of these users, content creators should make the point quickly, keep text short, limit or break up graphics, and organize methodically with clear headings breaking up long pages of text.

To Click or Not To Click Clickers

Some people give careful consideration about whether or not to click a link. They’ll even ask others around them, “what do you think that is?” They simply don’t want to waste their time on a link that takes them to content of no interest to them.

These users like clear descriptions of links in order to know prior to clicking if it’s worth their time. Content creators should make sure to use standard terms or describe accurately the content of the link.

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